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Lexz Pryde | Subliminal | Cover Art


Is a new age form of communicating one's thoughts and inner feelings. It is broadcasting messages, memes and captions with subtle wording or lengthy paragraphs drenched in fiery emotion. All while leaving an anonymous casualty. When you allow erratic impulse to express unsettled animosity to an undistinguished follower, the writer feels a sense of relief from their inner anguish. Insecurity seems to take a back seat while incoming dm’s ask “who are you talking about?” Generating an invisible war of gossip, giving your friends an option to pick a side. Unaware that an intangible method can negatively ripple into tangible repercussions. Most do it as an inadequate form of therapy and relief of tension. But what is intrepidity in a virtual world excluding the very truth? How can venting on social media and then denying it in person form any kind of solution? We witness a daily thread of people confidentiality expressing their love to someone they admire amongst others who try to get friends and family members to justify their loyalty in an argument. How did we evolve into such cowardly behavior and manipulation? Will it become a thing of the past to speak our truth?

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