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Brittany Rose Peechatka, professionally known as Lexz Pryde, is an American recording artist, songwriter, dancer, model, and influencer from Pennsylvania. She released her first single “Motivate” featuring Snoop Dogg in 2016. Helping her gain a social media following and fan base.

Lexz is known to be a major trend setter and visionary. Always setting the tone for what’s next. Merging designers with artists and collaborating with real brands of interest.

She is currently in the process of completing her latest ep.

With an undeniable passion  for poetic lyrics and alluring bass driven beats, there are no genrez or stereotypez’ for her style.  Lexz has  the natural ability to merge cultures, after experiencing, observing and living in the underground realms of edm, hiphop, and pop societies. With her soothing melodic vocals matched with unorthodox trance-like beats for a musical hybrid that is truly special. “I love good music, the kind that gives you chills and triggers emotions. I want to help people escape the chaos of life, drift away and get lost inside their own thoughts and dreams.”

 She has performed in Seoul S. Korea, Bali ID, Las Vegas NV, Myrtle Beach SC, Miami Fl, Jacksonville Fl, NYC, Spring Valley NY, Sacramento Ca, San Francisco Ca, Santa Cruz Ca, Boston Ma, Norfolk Va and Penn State Pa. She has toured with Snoop Dogg, Chief Keef and Ultra Music Festival.

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