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Introducing Aerobyx


Aerobyx is a combination of yoga infused with other calisthenics. A modern form of aerobic exercise. Using a minimal approach, without equipment (just bands). Identifying with the weight and balance of your body while engaged in the presence of your breath. Properly aligning your entire anatomy.

 The formal definition of aerobics is “living active, or occuring only in the presence of oxygen.” This life force energy also known as “Pranayama” plays a major role behind the science of yoga as well. “When I prepared my first class in India I wanted to incorporate as many of the 8 limbs of Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga as possible. Achieving maximum benefits by focusing on awareness and concentration (dharana) along with intent (sankalpa).  Most people work out unaware of the mental importance during their physical activity, improperly distributing weight and in the long term harming their body and posture. Aerobyx was designed to give you the power to consciously harness your energy and distribute it with fluidity and synchronized movement by unifying the mind, body and spirit. Including uptempo music for increased energy, stamina and rhythm.  "I also work with binaural beats to decrease and preserve energy while preparing for meditation (dhyana) in the final position of shavasana.” 

This uplifting sequence is ideal for toning and comes prepared with modifications.  "I'm looking forward to share this wisdom with you on my health and Fitness page!”


Enhance Muscle with Resistance!!!

5 levelz

of strength!

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